Topband: EZNEC 5.0 +

Jim Brown jim at
Sat Dec 6 03:40:41 EST 2014

On Fri,12/5/2014 12:29 PM, Charles Yahrling wrote:
> Just getting started modelling and looking for answers to questions not
> found in manual so far.  For example, what exactly is included in the
> Return Loss figure shown in the SWR window?  Just ground reflection loss,
> total system loss, something else?  Trying to understand why Return Loss is
> greater for lower SWR curve values. e.g see this when toggling between std
> and alt impedance. What is this suggesting, go with lower return loss or
> lower swr curve?
> An incomplete grasp of the fundamentals is admittedly likely here <g>.

So that's what you need to study.  ARRL Handbook and ARRL Antenna Book.

Those of us who understand have paid those dues. Now it's your turn to 
hit the books. :)

Tough love.

73, Jim K9YC

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