Topband: ARRL 160m contest and DX Window?

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Sat Dec 6 10:07:21 EST 2014

Mike et al, no answer to your open Q but I just scanned the band yday and I
did work  quite a few US stations being not very loud but ...they wera
listening in all directions at the same time. Hope to catch u as well.

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After playing in the ARRL DX contest in the early morning hours, it looks to
me that what is *really* needed is a small DX window somewhere in the 15 kHz
JA segment 1810-1825. Heck, it could even be less than 5 kHz wide.

>From my QTH in the central USA, I could copy JAs who were working NA
stations; and some JAs spotted NA stations in the cluster. But 1810-1825 was
wall-to-wall NA stations calling CQ.

What are the chances of such a DX window making it into the rules? Maybe in
a future Stew?

73, Mike

On Tue, Dec 2, 2014 at 3:52 AM, Petr Ourednik <indians at> wrote:

> the split JA operation schema for decades ago was:
> JA TX > 1907.5 - 1912.5kHz and listen for rest or worls in between 
> 1820 - 1825kHz.
> This "JA window" 1907.5 - 1912.5kHz has been not used in contests from
> 1999 by JARL
> because the band was too narrow. The SSB was not permitted.
> I worked several JA topbanders over there split down to 1820 - 1825kHz.
> According to the Ministry's announcement, effective April 1st 2000, 
> additional 15kHz, i.e. from 1810 kHz to 1825 kHz, has been allocated 
> for amateur radio use. The announcement was available in the Japanese 
> language at 
> but it does not work I guess.
> You might be interested in JA band plans which is available here.
> 0330.pdf
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