Topband: Haiti on 160M this weekend?, HC2RMT/8, 9K2HN

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Sat Dec 6 20:36:07 EST 2014

Was nice to work you Tim.  I specifically remember our QSO, but I didnt know you had just begun to call.

Vy 73,

Dale - N3BNA

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Subject: Re: Topband: Haiti on 160M this weekend?, HC2RMT/8, 9K2HN

Thanks to everyone for their advice on Haiti! Within a minute of my first
CQ on 160M, I was called by 4V1JR from Haiti!!!

160M was noise free for me both nights in CQ WW, complete absence of any
atmospheric noise, and was just superb for me to hear EU Saturday night in
CQ WW. The biggest surprise was working loud and easy A71BX.

Tim N3QE

On Wed, Nov 26, 2014 at 9:52 AM, Tim Shoppa <tshoppa at> wrote:

> I note a lot of Haiti activations for CQ WW. Are any known to be active on
> 160M?
> Also looking forward to V26K on 160M as it would be a new one for me on
> 160M.
> Last night HC2RMT/8 had a wonderfully loud signal on 80M and 160M but may
> not have been hearing too well. (Or maybe that was just them practicing in
> simplex.)
> I was hearing 9K2HN jway above ESP on 160M last night and amazingly loud
> (I mean, pretty much as loud as any local!) on 80M.
> Tim N3QE
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