Topband: Cndx ARRL 160 frm Europe

Dr. Wolf Ostwald df2py at
Sun Dec 7 05:38:07 EST 2014

hello there reflectees !
the contest was fun , even under cndx lower than desired. Solar activity 
fired an AU-Index at 5 with a pretty strong solar wind.
Expexting not much i had set my operating time to 3 hrs before sunrise 
for each day.
The second nite yielded about twice as much dx as the first one did. But 
it never opended beyond the midwest. Or past Texas.
Although there seems to be a strong belief that this contest is a more 
or less domestic affair, i strongly disagree at this point.
For all serious topband afficionados in EU it is a party-time, a large 
number of transatlantic stations available on this prestigious band .
This contest is a powerful tool to observe propagation, maximize ones 
own technical abilities and have the most fun that any of the HF bands 
can get you.
As only W/VE counts for Europe, the dx content is not diluted at all. 
Like a straight shot. What could be better ?
I wanna thank all transatlantic stations that gave me a contact and 
apologize to the others that i might not have heard.
Looking fwd to ARRL160CW   2015  !

wolf     df2py

Last word to be said  : "You can`t beat physics"

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