Topband: topband report from 4V1JR

Tom W8JI w8ji at
Sun Dec 7 08:07:18 EST 2014

> The purpose for my earlier Email (which I now wish I had not sent)  was to 
> ask if our friends in EU if they heard us and how was our signal. That is 
> all I wanted to know.
> And I apologize for busting our callsign, and other mistakes that I may 
> have made.  I am still recovering from an extremely difficult and very 
> stressful trip. My apologies to all.
> Vy 73
> Dale - N3BNA


I appreciate the difficulties you went through. I'm sure the unspoken masses 
understand what anyone goes though to set up a temporary station, and 
appreciate your effort.

I'd like to apologize for the tone and insensitivity of some public 
responses to your efforts. They do not represent reality.

73 Tom 

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