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Henk PA5KT pa5kt at
Sun Dec 7 08:52:55 EST 2014

I did hear EA7PP. He was for sure in EU, not in the US.

73 Henk PA5KT

Jose Ramon schreef op 12/6/2014 11:28 PM:
> Hi all,
> I have just subscribed to this reflector- A friend of mine told me there
> was something about EA7PP's operation during this w/e 160m contest.
> Someone suggested EA7PP uses a remote in the US as his signal was on the
> RBN outstanding. More than being an offending remark it's a compliment.
> We spent yesterday the whole evening at EA7PP's contest station setting a
> modest EWE pointing to US and built in site a receiver protecting device.
> Set up is very simple, an inverted L up to 18 metres on a fiber glass ple
> and then about 21 metres horizontal to the tower (23m) . Only 2 tuned
> elevated radials circling the plot as it is very small. Soil is very
> conductive and it has been raining a lot during the last couple of weeks.
> This is a rural area, almost no cellphone network coverage. Internet
> connection is poor, a 4 miles 2.3 GHz link to a home in town, as the good 5
> GHz was damaged during a storm.
> The contest started last night and I was still soldering wires to the
> protection boxes while listening to some good East Coast signal.
> I wrote a message to Pepe to his WhastApp. When he wakes up from his siesta
> first thing he will ask me is "what the hell is a remote?"
> Zé Carlos, muito grato pelos elogios, our tiny contest farm works! it's
> encouraging.
> 73
> Jose, EA7KW
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