Topband: Unknown Pulse Signal Wiping out 1900-1925 kHz

K2RS K2RSonline at
Sun Dec 7 22:23:54 EST 2014

It's peaking at 15 over 9 here in SW Connecticut right now.

I first heard this noise last Thursday evening (12/4) around 0300Z. 
Signal strength was between 20 and 30 over 9 at that time. My friend 
Fred, K2DFC, in NJ heard it then too, with a signal strength of 20 over 
9. Since then, he's heard it a few times during the day, but the signal 
strength is weaker during daylight hours.

Jack   K2RS

On 12/7/2014 3:55 PM, Donald Chester wrote:
>   Kind of a pulsating buzzing sound, centred around 1915, but audible down to
>   slightly below 1900 and up to approximately 1925. At its centre  frequency last night (Saturday), it was just as strong as any CW contest signal.

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