Topband: ARRL 160 stories wanted

K9AY k9ay at
Tue Dec 9 18:43:32 EST 2014

OK, you caught up on your sleep and re-lived the contest a few times in your head! Before you move on to the 10 Meter contest, tell me if you did something special or interesting on 160 last weekend! 

For the QST and ARRL Web results articles, I read ALL of the comments that are available. I look for patterns among the comments that show the "flavor" of the event. Then I pick some to highlight and contact a few of you for follow up. I will see the comments from 3830, ARRL web Soapbox, and your Cabrillo logs -- so no need to repeat those stories. 

Photos are great! Especially if they are positive images of contesters enjoying the experience. OK, a shot of your personal disaster might be interesting, too...

Just send things to k9ay(at)k9ay(dot)com

Thanks! And feel free to forward this to your local club and other online groups.

73, Gary

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