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Wed Dec 24 10:12:39 EST 2014

 Have had inquires about self termination of BOG antennas.  *It varies with the type of soil, moisture content, and length of the wire relative to the ground. 
 Question #1
 My BOG is directional, in the direction of the wire without a resistor, then why bother with one?
 Good Question- Unless you are lucky the  terminating resistance and reactance will be less than ideal. 
 * I would rather have a 200 foot BOG with a 200 to 250  ohm termination resistor at the far end for 160 meters. 
 Two 470 ohm resistors in parallel  equals 235 ohms and works well.. 
 75 ohm coax users can transform to 225 ohms with a  x 3 turns transformer ratio. 
 50 ohm coax users can transform to 250 ohms with a  x  5 turn transformer ratio.. 
 Question  #2
 I can understand why some want an incognito antenna, but I  have above ground Beverages, why would I want a BOG ?
 * Well I have above ground Beverages too, but there are times  the BOG "out shines" other antennas, like with QRN when a storm front is approaching. 
 Not sure why, maybe angle of radiation ,  but 'what ever Beverage antennas do'  in this case the BOG often does it better.. 
 In  general the BOG is not as good as a  Long Beverage antenna, but every antenna has its day. 

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