Topband: The Stew

Gary Smith Gary at
Sun Dec 28 21:45:37 EST 2014

Oh yes, another vent I didn't mention...

The (let me be nice with my brethren), 
"over achievers" who CQ and have their 
machines set so fast to refire that they 
don't begin to listen for a reply.

There were more than several of these gems 
going so fast I played a game to figure 
something out: I found when I sent my call 
(set at 27 WPM), I'd finish my call & I 
would hear part of their Q from CQ already 
in progress when I would, as fast as 
possible, send KA1J for them to hear. 

So I kept speeding up my sender till I 
could hear my whole call and then clearly 
hear the first dah they sent. 34 WPM is 
what it took to beat their timing... 34 
WPM to barely squeeze in that call 
in-between their last character and the 
beginning of their first.

Tell me the intelligence in repeating the 
CQ sequence that fast. Seems stupid to me 
but I won't say such a thing about my 




> Hi all,

> I decided again to be a masochist and run 
> another contest QRP when there is a 
> perfectly fine Alpha War horse 18" away. I 
> have to say not being able to contact 
> stations you hear clearly is a significant 
> irritant. Yes, the joy of being the 
> underdog is at times over-rated. Still, I 
> had a whole lot of fun.

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