Topband: 160m L and 80m Vertical

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What you describe is very similar to the set up that I have here.  I have a
65' mast with a 10' horizontal fibreglass pole just below the top.  My 66'
80m quarterwave runs up to one end of the fibreglass pole and the 160m
inverted L to the other side.  So the two aerials are 10' apart in the
vertical section and fed with separate coaxial feeds.  It works really well.
The secret, of course, is to maximise the number of radials that you can get
down.  My 20 radials are woefully inadequate, but I'm not going out in the
snow to put down more today!

(There's a picture on my QRZ.Com page, if you wish to see what I describe

73, Ian G4IIY

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For 160m I have a 75ft irrigation pipe vertical (4 & 3 inch pipe) with two
50ft top hat wires wires. For 80m I run a #10, 65ft wire with 12 inch
homebrew fiberglass stand offs up the side of the irrigation pipe. At the
base, I have two separate matching devices that I manually change to operate
either band. I will automate this soon. This way, This way, I can share the
same radial field. I do have to ground the irrigation vertical to operate on

Works great for me!


On Sun, Dec 28, 2014 at 5:39 PM, MR TREVOR DUNNE <ei2glb at> wrote:

> Hi All
> I need some help in trying to get an antenna that will cover both 80 
> and 160,
> What I was planning is a Inverted L with a 75 ft Vertical section of 
> Aluminum tube and the rest tied off to a convenient tree, what I would 
> like to add is a 80m vertical wire spaced off the main aluminum 
> element of the L,
> Would this work and what sort of spacing would I need, could I feed 
> both on the same feedline ???
> Thanks
> Trevor
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