Topband: Speculating via Stew posted scores

Jim Brown jim at
Mon Dec 29 12:19:16 EST 2014

On Mon,12/29/2014 5:18 AM, James Rodenkirch wrote:
> Forgot to state that both stations I used as examples were QRP entries, Tim ....k5go is in AR and n9tf is in IL and I chose them 'cuz they are reasonably close to each other, "mid-west sorta thang."

RX antennas matter. Stations like NO3M, WD5R, N0NI, KH6LC, W8JI are 
going to work more weak signals, picking up more distant stations (and 
picking up more points during log checking for working more 100W and QRP 
stations). WD5R and W5ZN are not far from each other. WD5R's antenna 
farm enabled him to pull me out, W5ZN tried real hard, but we never made 
it. It's a bit harder for N0NI than for WD5R, but we usually make it. I 
heard K5QO pretty well and called him a bunch of times, but I don't 
think we made it. There were at least a half dozen guys with S9+ signals 
who couldn't hear me.

73, Jim K9YC

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