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Tue Dec 30 15:37:37 EST 2014

Thanks for the contact, Dave. You were quite strong into GA last night with your setup into my TX antenna for receive. That was the last of my 160 contacts. 

Yes, I was doing the 160 chores for W1AW/4-GA last week. With a TX 4 square and 1500w, I know I was heard by those that I couldn't pull out of the noise regardless of which RX antenna I chose. I worked several locals that I goaded into trying whatever they had, and many were just plain W E A K on their 40m antennas. 

Mike / W5JR / 160-W1AW/4-GA

> On Dec 30, 2014, at 1:56 PM, David Raymond <daraymond at> wrote:
> I have been operating 160 CW as W1AW/0.  I know I was missing some callers last night due to unusual high ambient noise (it's normally very quiet here).  It appeared to be atmospheric.  Whatever it was, the NB was of no help.  Sorry if I missed your call. . . I was certainly doing my best.  It's really hard to have time to try the all various antenna options and directions when guys that are pee weak running QRP to the gutter only call once. . .hi.  Also, I have not been QRO due to an antenna relay problem in the amp.  With last night's conditions impacting my receive capability, it was just as well I was running only 100w.  Thanks to all of you that did hang in there. . . I was trying.
> My best to all for a Happy New Year. . . Dave, W0FLS, W1AW/0
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