Topband: Silver solder

Paul Christensen w9ac at
Wed Dec 31 09:03:59 EST 2014

> "The only issue is that solder requires a bit more heat
then the leaded solder."

To get adequate heat when using silver-solder bars, one option is to use a 
small acetylene cylinder tank with a single line torch kit.  The typical 
air/acetylene temperature is about 1000 degrees F higher than 
propane/butane.  That's often enough to reach the bar's melting point when 
the connection is heat-sink limited (e.g., bonding wide copper ground 

I once tried oxyacetylene (a pure oxygen + acetylene mixture) and had a 
disastrous result.  The torch temperature rises rapidly with even a small 
volume of mixed oxygen.  Good for some welding applications, but not 

Paul, W9AC

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