Topband: Digial mode spurious issues

kr7o at kr7o at
Thu Jan 2 09:31:48 EST 2014

Thanks Joe.

I have been using WSJT since 2001 and cringe every time I hear it called a 
"QRP mode".

> > 3.) He was running way way too much power. I never operate with more
> > than 30 watts {its a low power mode.. I worked VK5BC with 30w on TB
> > ........try that with CW)
>JT65 and JT9 are *not* "low power modes.  They are *weak signal* modes
>- there is a big difference.  The genesis of Joe Taylor's modes was
>EME and meteor scatter communications where "full gallon" transmitters
>>are normal and signals are still weak.  Nobody with an understanding of
>>the history of JT4, JT6, JT9, JT65, FSK441, etc. would ever call them
>>"low power" modes or suggest EME and MS operators run 30 watts or less.
>>    ... Joe, W4TV

73, Robert KR7O/YB2ARO, DM07ba/OI52ee  (ex.  N7STU)
DXCC  6M #1122
WAZ  6M #112
VUCC  6M, 2M (KR7O/YB2ARO pages)
Looking for old VHF QSL cards and logbooks.

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