Topband: Digital mode spurious issues & Ideas for possible resolution

Steven Raas sjraas at
Thu Jan 2 12:47:06 EST 2014

I have an idea, it may be far fetched, but I think a good one none the
less. As a group we can create a document, in short explaining the issues
that are & hand , that the technical people will see and understand & the
non-technical end users ( not saying all end-users are non-technical ) will
also understand,  our best idea for resolution and present this document
with 'signatures' , to the major 'digita'l reflectors, groups, creators and
experimenters, outlining the benefits for both groups interested. For
kicks, I looked up the ARRL's 'band plan' and
their document says 1800-1810 ( digital ) & 1995-2000 (beacons), I
personally believe that the WSPR stuff for prop reports should go there (
some is not as we all know ) because its not 2-way com stuff to the best of
my knowledge, their just low power prop beacons.

Yes I do understand that the ways of the ARRL are not always great..
however I can see benefits for us all on a move of the digital stuff, just
as many that are following this thread can see aswell.

This may have been done before & possibly no traction came of it, I'm not
sure,  however if this is a problem that is affecting masses, it should be
addressed, in kind to the masses, until resolved.

Just a thought...comments & suggestions?

-Steve Raas

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