Topband: Anyone purchased the ARRL book on Short Antennas for160???

Richard Fry rfry at
Wed Jan 22 14:22:45 EST 2014

Guy Olinger wrote (responding to a quote from me that he included):
"Such characteristics would apply to the use of elevated radial systems by 
ham radio operators as well as they do for AM broadcast stations."

>Such a statement requires qualification if the basis of the BC experience 
>includes the previous dense radial field in poor earth **which was not dug 
>up**, and in all likelihood deliberately left in place by the engineer for 
>the now well-known enhancement of sparse elevated radials over poor earths.

Just to note that several installations of new AM broadcast antenna systems 
using elevated radials have been installed at sites where rocky earth 
prevented the use of ANY buried radials, and none ever were installed.

Even though earth conductivity at / near those sites was very poor, the 
radiation efficiencies of those antenna systems were very close to those of 
perfect monopoles over a perfect ground plane.

R. Fry 

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