Topband: One of those times

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Fri Jan 24 14:36:02 EST 2014

BTW - that was just before my sunset!

Charlie, K4OTV

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FB!  Merv!

Reminds me of years ago, when I worked Jacky, 3B8CF from here in NC on the
very first antenna that I ever built for 160 - an inverted L! Seemed that I
was the only one hearing him, although, Jack, N4JJ jumped in and worked him
right after me!  There's a lot to be said for lots of LISTENING!  It seems
to me that it's a lot like fishing!  How much we catch depends a lot on our
"time on the water"! (Too many, I think, want to be "spoon-fed" DX on packet
clusters and internet!) You were there LISTENING when he showed up! FB!

Charlie, K4OTV

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Conditions have been very poor to say the least from KH6 land especially to
EU.  What few contacts I have made have been from a very skewed western

Today was no different, path over the pole at sunrise was not open, I was
sitting on 1823 working on email,  sunrise is 1708Z and suddenly I could
hear a signal starting to come out of the noise.
???BM   8???BM  then clear as a bell 8Q7BM calling cq.  One
call and I had a new one in the log at 1710Z,   he then faded
back down into the noise,  I could hear traces of him for another
20 mins after sunrise,  not enough to copy but knew he was there.

Just one of those top band times when being at the right place at the right
time when the band sounds dead.
Makes up for all the ones I have missed this season.
73 Merv K9FD/KH6

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