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ON4UN and others suggest 15 meters I believe. Ive used 25-30' here and it 
does well with 5  2 wire Beverages with their ends and antenna grounds also 
spaced from each other by at least 30' and a few at 150-300'.

With high attenuation common mode chokes on everything I can get away with 
RG-6 feeds tacked to trees at 6' high to the relay box and then 750' of 1/2" 
CATV hardline on the ground almost to the house. Where it has to cross the 
lawn for about 60' I added another ground rod and then elevated RG-6 into 
the house where there is another ground rod and ferrite choke. I made a 
direct buy right from Fair-Rite with my business account and met their 
minimum order


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>I am building a new two wire beverage and have built many in the past that 
>seemed to work okay but I am paying close attention to detail on this one. 
>I have a couple of questions to start.  Most all agree that the antenna 
>xfmr ground and and the coax ground should be separate.  How much distance 
>between the two ground point is recommended for this?  Also is there a 
>problem using the same ground for both coax feeds?  ON4UN recommends a 
>common mode choke about 15 feet away from the feed point but at present I 
>am not installing those yet.
> 73 Mike K4PI
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