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Sat Mar 1 21:08:49 EST 2014

But arent you in the boonies Mike with little common mode noise? I notice a 
few others with lots of acerage do the same but when I was enroached upon on 
both sides I just followed ON4UN's lead. It works and maybe the other way 
does as well but with about a foot of compacted snow, which is also called 
ice, on the ground Im months from finding out. More coming Monday.


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>I don't ground the shields at the transformers. The only place they are
> grounded/connected together is inside the shack, at the switchbox.
> My beverage coax is mostly laying on the ground. A little of it is buried.
> 73, Mike
> On Sat, Mar 1, 2014 at 5:44 PM, Mike Greenway <K4PI at> wrote:
>>   Most all agree that the antenna xfmr ground and and the coax ground
>> should be separate.  How much distance between the two ground point is
>> recommended for this?
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