Topband: Grounds

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Sun Mar 2 08:55:08 EST 2014

I only have a couple of those lamps and a bit of bypassing in the fixture 
knocked it down a lot. Since they are seldom on when Im at the radio its 
tolerable or I shut them off.

The one problem I havent been able to cure is a pair of light dimmers so I 
removed them. Ive heard there are RFI proof versions but last time I looked 
they were close to $30 each.....I dont need dimmers that bad!

Anyway I'll sign on to that RFI forum and see what they have in the 


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> Thanks. I have actually studied your document Jim, and have recommended it
> to many others. :-)
> I used what I had here. There are several bifilar turns through some of
> those big #43 beads. I even hung some #31 cores on the lamps themselves
> (which helped a little) and on the Romex feeding the fixture. That's all I
> have had time to do up to this point.
> I have some 2.4" #31 cores here I could use. But there's another problem
> that I want to fix: exactly how the RFI from that fixture is getting into
> my RX system. It's over S9 on my IC-765 on several 160m frequencies. But I
> just don't have the time lately.
> I didn't mean to hijack this thread. Anyway, time to go play in the 
> contest
> now.
> 73, Mike
> On Sat, Mar 1, 2014 at 10:12 PM, Jim Brown 
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>>  Big #43 beads on the ballast leads didn't fix it.
>> Of course not. A choke for 160M requires many turns on one or more #31
>> cores. Study
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