Topband: New MFJ 259C available

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Tue Mar 4 12:18:29 EST 2014

Im waiting for N6LF to add that to his review results.


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>I had a look at the matching Rosenberger calibration standards and for the 
>money, the kit is a bargain.  At first, I was disappointed to see what 
>amounts to only 1% resistive load accuracy.  The displayed image on the 
>website shows a calibration standard that reads about 49.5 ohms.  But, the 
>software automatically compensates for the disparity.  It's possible to use 
>a DMM with 4-wire resistance capabilities to measure the exact DC 
>resistance then enter the value in a table to get excellent operating 
>accuracy, certainly better than 0.1%.  Depending on the accuracy needed, 
>the VNWA software allows for several other important compensating factors.
> My only concern with the VNWA is in its ability to measure Topband antenna 
> systems where sweeps are required into the AMBC band.  I'm still looking 
> for input from anyone who has made such measurements.
> Paul, W9AC
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