Topband: New MFJ 259C available

Paul Christensen w9ac at
Wed Mar 5 08:31:39 EST 2014

> "As I looked at things over the years, very few people want VNA's that 
> attach
to PC's, and that market is covered anyway. I thought a 259 revision wth
direct conversion receivers and a wide frequency range, and a calibrate
function, and just basically do what the 259B does now, would have been much

The RigExpert handheld series of complex impedance analyzers pretty much fit 
that goal.  The AA-54 is in the same price class as the MFJ-259B and has +13 
dBm output power.  It doesn’t have the frequency range of the 259B but it 
will accurately cover HF through 6m.   At roughly 2x the price, the AA-600 
gets you a serious 600 MHz handheld analyzer with OSL calibration and PC 
graphing connectivity.

Paul, W9AC 

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