Topband: ARRL Board Requests Member Comments About Digital Modes

Jim Brown jim at
Wed Mar 5 12:36:25 EST 2014

I think Henk's post makes very good sense.

As to the limited use of JT9 -- it is a VERY new mode, released only 
within the past 18 months. Yes, it is superior, and hopefully will be 
adopted. But that takes time for all to acquire the new software that 
produces and decodes it, as well as the learning of the software.  But I 
also agree with W4TV, who notes that the difference between JT65 and JT9 
matters little with respect to the bandplan and interoperability with 
other modes. What really matters is that the gear used produce clean 
signals and that the operators of all modes do so intelligently and with 
consideration of others.

I am FAR more concerned with high power amplifiers cranking out phase 
noise, splatter, and clicks than I am with the relatively low level of 
distortion produced by those using digital modes, the vast majority of 
which are running pretty low power.

73, Jim K9YC

On 3/4/2014 11:40 PM, Henk PA5KT wrote:
> Mike,
> One of the problems with making band plans is that every region makes 
> its own and then forget how things are arranged in other zones.
> In EU still a lot of the countries have only 1830-1850 available.
> To make everybody happy the bandplan has to allow CW, digital and 
> phone in this 20kHz window.
> Why not using the Region 1 plan as a base?
> Up to 1838 CW.
> 1838-1840 CW and narrow band digital with <500Hz bandwidth
> 1840-1843 digital and other modes.
> 1843 and higher all modes.
> Also it would be nice if everybody would use JT9. It is much more 
> efficient, but it is rarely used. Most people stick to JT65.
> 73 Henk PA5KT

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