Topband: Results OA4TT 3/8/2014

Jack Henry, OA4TT n6xq at
Sat Mar 8 11:52:04 EST 2014

Hi Topbanders,

We made 43 QSO's this morning    EU-27  US-15  SA-1
To me conditions were not great.  I had lots of problems receiving.  Stations seemed to be hearing me much better than I was hearing them.  This is still our summer and there appeared to be some storm activity over the Andes.  I had to really dig on most stations to get the callsigns and as a result rate was low.  Sorry to those I could not pull out.  If there is interest we can try again in a month or so.  QSO's will be on lotw in a few days.

73  Jack

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