Topband: Passive Receive Antenna Splitter

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One word of caution, Gary, if the CATV splitter is a transformer type,
rather than resistive it may of have enough low-frequency response for 160
m!  Check around with RS and your local electronics stores for 50 ohm 2-way
splitters. Those are generally resistive and have frequency response from DC
up to a GHz or so.  Some of the TV stuff is transformer coupled.

Charlie, K4OTV

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Can anyone point me to a design for a splitter for sharing a Beverage
antenna between two receivers?  This is for Field Day so these are not
optimized Beverages by any means.

Just want to allow the 80/40M stations to share antennas.  Nothing fancy.

My thoughts are to just use a CATV "2-Way" splitter at the output of the
Beverage matching transformer and run separate feed-lines to each radio. 
I'm pretty sure these things work down to 1 MHz but have not measured them.
I can use the pre-amp in the radio (K3) to compensate for the loss.




Gary K9GS

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