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Hi Gary, 

The most efficient way to share a Beverage among two (or as many as four) 
bands to use W3LPL bandpass filters. Loss of each filter is in the order 
of 1.5 dB vs. about 3.5 dB for a typical Magic-T combiner/splitter. 

Just connect the inputs of both filters to the Beverage antenna and the output of 
each filter to each radio. The reason this works so well is that the impedance 
of the filters is very high outside their pass bands. 

I have dozens of these filters in my station; they're inexpensive, very effective 
and easy to build. 


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Can anyone point me to a design for a splitter for sharing a Beverage 
antenna between two receivers? This is for Field Day so these are not 
optimized Beverages by any means. 

Just want to allow the 80/40M stations to share antennas. Nothing fancy. 

My thoughts are to just use a CATV "2-Way" splitter at the output of the 
Beverage matching transformer and run separate feed-lines to each radio. 
I'm pretty sure these things work down to 1 MHz but have not measured 
them. I can use the pre-amp in the radio (K3) to compensate for the loss. 




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