Topband: arrival direction of FT5ZM on 160

Carl Luetzelschwab carlluetzelschwab at
Fri Mar 21 22:31:54 EDT 2014

Hi to everyone,

A week ago I requested data from NA stations on the azimuth arrival
angle of FT5ZM on 160m and 80m. I believe I individually thanked all who
responded. But in case I missed someone - thank you!

I put together a short paper on the 160m results. It is on my web site at Look in the 160m link on the left on the home page. Then
open or download the file "Arrival Direction of FT5ZM in North America on
160m". It also discusses some 160m basics - the "black hole" in the
southwest USA, great circle paths, etc.

Carl K9LA

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