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Sat Mar 22 12:36:36 EDT 2014

Bob .... My best wishes and prayers to you and your loved ones. As you know I have moved and am not back on the air at this point .... but our daily QSO's are a major part of my fond memories of Top Band.  

John K9DX



> Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2014 21:42:29 +1100
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> Subject: Topband: VK3ZL
> Hi all..I have been completely overwhelmed with all the best wishes 
> emails and just want to humbly thank you all..
> I am in a very critical situation at present..The tumor was discovered 
> last November and I had surgery prior to Christmas to stabilise it and 
> give me time to pick up a bit of strength for major surgery..
> Unfortunately the tumor decided to move up to my right kidney 
> effectively blocking it..I had more surgery a week ago to save the 
> kidney and they have put a stent between the kidney and bladder as a 
> temporary fix..
> I am extremely unwell and naturally apprehensive about the future but I 
> will do my best..I have to face removal of my bladder, prostate and 
> lymph nodes and I will have an artificial bladder made from a section of 
> small bowel and a stoma for drainage.
> I am home again for a while and have my radio always listening on 
> 1.824.5 and I will try and get back on air...I can always be found on 
> the ON4 topband chat also..
> Once more I thank you all, more than 250 pm's, and Dave WoFLS one of my 
> numerous Topband contacts..
> Bob..VK3ZL..
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