Topband: another carrier

Nick Hall-Patch nhp at
Sun Mar 23 13:52:23 EDT 2014

I make it about 125 to 130 degrees from Victoria, BC (local time 
10:40am PDT, so, likely ground wave, but not strong).   The AM 
broadcaster on 1680 kHz nulls a few degrees further south.

This is using a tuned medium wave loop antenna, so it doesn't 
resonate on 160m, and local noise tends to queer things in a more 
north-south direction, but it seems to be a reasonable direction 
finder otherwise.   A west facing Flag with adjustable termination 
can null the signal also, so I don't think it is at 130+180 = 310 degrees.

best wishes,


At 17:18 23-03-14, you wrote:
>The carrier on 1810.8 is still s9 plus 40db here (at 10:15 am), so I 
>guess he/it is local!
>Kingston, WA
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>The 1810.8 carrier is S5 here in the a.m. and is slightly West of North of
>my QTH in central OR.
>Lee   K7TJR
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