Topband: another carrier

Lee K7TJR k7tjr at
Mon Mar 24 15:15:34 EDT 2014

Tnx Tree, we believe this to be pretty close to the Lynnwood WA area.  We
have a few more bearings  but it will be down to using a mobile setup now I
 It is remarkable to me how accurate some of the bearings have pointed to
the same area. We will see when it is found.
  I think the locals in WA will find this soon.
Lee  K7TJR

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An excellent test signal for my north beverage.  Hearing it down in the
noise - but it is there - at high noon from Boring, OR.  Too much noise on
the TX antennas to hear it (even when pointing north).

Tree N6TR/7 CN85tj

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