Topband: A CFL Bulb Issue

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FWIW its worth that is a Wal Mart house brand and likely bought at the 
lowest possible price after beating up the manufacturer in China to near 
zero profit. They will give you exactly what you pay for; just ask the many 
who have bought a no name or a made up name Chinese electrolytic when 
shopping for lowest possible price and had them fail. There are even a few 
in the US that are selling them with a Made In USA label!

Ive had several of those bulbs in use for up to 5-6 years that were provided 
by the local power company at discount prices. They are only used where 
family rarely remembers to turn them off such as exterior and garage lights 
or the kitchen pantry.  Only one has failed....silently.


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>A bad S9 plus growling noise suddenly began about a week ago that covered
> the entire 80 meter band making it totally unusable. Other bands including
> 160 meters were ok. Checking with neighbors for new devices didn't turn up
> anything. The noise continued for another few days so decided to eliminate
> the house. Got lucky with this one. Got up early, moved the antenna from
> main radio to a FT-847, connected a battery, and verified that the noise 
> was
> still there. Started to go outside and pull the main disconnect when I 
> heard
> a loud POP. It was a CFL bulb that my wife had installed in one of the
> kitchen lights about six months ago. Pulled the bulb out not thinking too
> much of it but decided to go back up and check the receiver anyway. Yep, 
> the
> noise was completely gone and has not returned over the past week. 
> Although
> not a scientific conclusion, these CFL bulbs can generate some strong RF
> noise just before going out. Data from the CFL bulb is GREAT VALUE, Model
> EDXO-14, Item number GVS144DL. Hope this might help some in future noise
> tracking.
> 73's Mack N4SS
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