Topband: carrier on 1810.8 MHz

Herbert Schonbohm herbert.schoenbohm at
Tue Mar 25 16:57:31 EDT 2014

Lee you might check the AM band and see if there is a detectable carrier 
on 603.6 or 905 Khz as sometimes unlicensed AM pirate stations try to 
slip in between the noram AM 10 KHz increments to avid interference.  I 
could be one such station's second or third harmonic with the carrier 
just left on. These transmitters are more and more common and available 
over the internet from overseas.  The have frequency synthesizers with 
1KHz increments and their output stages are as broad as a barn with no 
harmonic protection at all.  It would be easy to see with a car radio or 
even with your home station, if there is any junk on these frequencies 

Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ

On 3/25/2014 3:48 PM, Lee K7TJR wrote:
>      OK, we now have a challenge for any hams interested in finding a stray
> carrier on 1810.8 MHz in the Seattle area.
> We have narrowed it down we think to an area enclosed by Shoreline Wa,
> Woodinville Wa, and Kirkland Wa.
> None of us involved so far live close enough to easily assist with further
> search at this time.
>    So we are looking for someone to step up here and do some driving
> around. Hopefully someone with a directional loop.
> Please forward this request if you know someone not on the reflector
> but might be able to assist.
> Thanks
> Lee  K7TJR
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