Topband: Rev B of the FT5ZM Direction paper

Carl Luetzelschwab carlluetzelschwab at
Tue Mar 25 17:41:22 EDT 2014

I just put Rev B of "Arrival Direction of FT5ZM in North America on
160m" on my web site.

For the record, Rev A corrected an error in the original text.

Rev B addresses two issues: a problem with Figure 1, and more data
received/added to Figure 3.

The Figure 1 problem is interesting. N5IA commented in a personal e-mail
that the apex of the "black hole" wedge in Figure 1 was too far north (that
is a true statement). That also makes the wedge too wide in the southwest
USA (and Mexico). Thus I replaced Figure 1 with maps from W6ELProp, which
appears to be more correct.

Carl K9LA

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