Topband: 1810.8 carrier found.

Mike Waters mikewate at
Mon Mar 31 12:35:55 EDT 2014

That's interesting, and brings to mind a question I've been wondering about
for low-data-rate weak signal modes such as JT65, JT9 (which take 60
seconds to send a CQ), and QRSS (24 hours?!).

In the real world on 160, what would any of these modes really gain for an
operator already skilled in CW?

>From reading posts about JT9 and JT65 on 160, the distance gain over
ordinary CW is really nothing to write home about. Does anyone have any
real-word experiences that say otherwise?

73, Mike

On Mon, Mar 31, 2014 at 10:52 AM, Lee K7TJR <k7tjr at> wrote:

>   ... the carrier on 1810.8 KHz has been found. ...  a ham running QRSS
> where it takes 24 hours to send a CQ.  HuH?

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