Topband: 1810.8 carrier found.

Joe Subich, W4TV lists at
Mon Mar 31 16:24:05 EDT 2014

On 3/31/2014 1:38 PM, Jim Bennett wrote:

> I've found that I get moderate success when running 30-40 watts on
> those two "low power" modes.

Correction - JT65 and JT9 are "weak signal" modes - not necessarily
"low power" modes.  Their primary genesis is from the EME (moon-
bounce) world where extremely weak signals even from legal limit
transmitter are the rule.

 > Anyway, to answer your question - no, I most certainly have NOT seen
 > any distance gain (on HF) by using the JT-modes as compared to CW.

I've had good luck with both JT65 and JT9.  Compared to CW I can often
see solid "QSOs" in paths/with stations that would be impossible given
my power level and antennas on a given band and specific conditions.
I can't say that better antennas or higher power would not even out
the discrepancies and I certainly am no fan of "watching paint dry" in
taking 5 minutes per QSO just to exchange signal reports.  Still, I
think JT65 and JT9 have their value and in view of their narrow band
characteristics deserve a place "in the action"


    ... Joe, W4TV

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