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Tom Miller tmiller11147 at
Tue May 13 11:30:47 EDT 2014

Bob K6ZZ <bob.selbrede <at>> writes:

> By chance does anyone on the list happen to have a repair manual or
> schematic for a Radar Engineers Model 239 RFI Locator?  I have the
> Instruction Manual but it doesn't have much information in it.  Radar
> Engineers doesn't have a service manual or any more information
> available on this unit.  It's about 20 years old best guess.  I have a
> unit that won't power up.
> Thanks, Bob K6ZZ
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Hi Bob,

I also have one of those receivers and found your message while googling 
for a manual. On mine, the power supply also was dead. At first, I found a 
shorted electrolytic on the power supply board. Replacint that got some 
positive results but there is still a problem and I suspect some more power 
supply issues. There is a resistor ( R556) near the two N-chan mosfets that 
has overheated and I can not read the value. Can you tell me the value of 
that resistor if yours is ok?

Tom Miller

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