Topband: Update on Bob VK3ZL

Ron vk3io vk3io at
Thu May 22 06:23:17 EDT 2014

Hello Top Band enthusiast.

Just to let you know, I did visit Bob, vk3zl who is in hospital 
recovering from his cancer operations.

He is seemed very chirpy and in pretty good spirits, for someone who has 
gone through his recent medical proceedures for his cancer condition and 
while I have not seen him for maybe five years, he instantly recognised 
me and my wife and remembered our names.

I think he may have completed his last medical proceedure just this week 
on Tuesday and so all going well, he will continue to recover in 
hospital or some sort of high care facility and build up his strength 
and learn to use his new attachments which will help him with his bodily 
functions and if all goes well he may be home by this Christmas.

His is in the Geelong General Hospital, which is about 300km East from 
his home and about 60km SW from Melbourne and so Jean, his wife is 
temporarily living at an accommodation unit very close to the hospital 
and while this is a bit costly, it makes it easier and more practical to 
visit him.

For the longer term outlook, probably early next year, he and Jean will 
probably have to sell up and move closer to a hospital or care facility, 
as their present qth is pretty much a long distance and isolated from 
such a facility.

During our chat, he more than once commented on the tremendous number of 
well wishes via email he has received and of course how he appreciated 
such thoughts and all your well wishes.

He still is eager to continue his electronic construction activity, but 
I think he understands that it won't be possible for him to continue 
building his prized high voltage valve amplifiers, as he has for the 
past twenty years or so and so I suggested he tries his hand at high 
power, much lower voltage and much safer, solid state amps.

His main thoughts are how to sell off all of his amplifier collection 
and part built valve amplifiers and components.

Unfortunately, I am not able to help much, as I live about  350km East 
from his QTH and I am still working in China for about six months of 
each year.

Cheers and 73's. from Ron.

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