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I can't believe that K1ZZ can so blatantly ignore the DXCC Rules!

Section 1, Rule 7:
 > 7. Any Amateur Radio operation should take place only with the
 > complete approval and understanding of appropriate administration
 > officials. In countries where amateurs are licensed in the normal
 > manner, credit may be claimed only for stations using regular
 > government-assigned call signs or portable call signs where
 > reciprocal agreements exist or the host government has so authorized
 > portable operation.

As far as international norms of civilized nations - including the
US, all of the EU, UN and particularly the ITU - are concerned the
appropriate administration for Crimea is in Kiev not some goons in
Moscow issuing UA6S and UA6K callsigns.  UA6S and UA6K are *pirate*
operations and should be rejected by DXCC just as 7O calls issued
in Aden and other "licenses" issued by the wrong "authorities" have
been routinely rejected.

K1ZZ's decision to ignore the DXCC rules for political reasons (in
opposition to UN resolutions and US policy) is as bad as Baldwin's Reef
and makes it *impossible* for DXCC to fairly reject *any* DX operation
for "improper documentation" as long as the flouting of the DXCC rules

I wonder how K1ZZ would react if Havana were to start issuing licenses
to ethnic Cubans in Miami?  The proportion of the population in Miami
that are ethnic Cubans may be higher than that of ethnic Russians in


    ... Joe, W4TV

On 2014-05-22 10:28 PM, Yuri Blanarovich wrote:
>  From the ARRL  Letter:ARRL Responds to Ukrainian Amateur Radio League
> Regarding DXCC Status of Crimea
> The ARRL has responded to an appeal from the Ukrainian Amateur Radio
> League (UARL) to "consider the information regarding the status of
> Crimea as temporarily occupied territory." UARL President Vladimir
> Grishchenko, UT0FT, told the ARRL on May 3, that Russia's "illegal
> annexation" of Crimea "does not change the status of this territory,
> which legally belongs to Ukraine." ARRL CEO David Sumner, K1ZZ, on May
> 21 acknowledged the UARL's position and reiterated the ARRL Awards
> Committee's determination that the annexation did not lend Crimea status
> as a new DXCC entity.
> "We appreciate the high regard you have expressed for the DXCC program,"
> Sumner wrote. "However, the list of DXCC entities is simply for the
> purpose of giving radio amateurs a consistent way to compare their DX
> achievements. It is not intended to express a position with respect to
> sovereignty and should not be regarded as such."
> The Awards Committee has concluded that a QSL with a call sign issued by
> Ukraine and showing the entity name as Ukraine counts as Ukraine, while
> a QSL with a call sign issued by Russia and showing the entity name as
> Russia counts as Russia. "A QSL that satisfies neither condition does
> not count for either entity," the committee said.
> Grishchenko had pointed out that the UN does not recognize Crimea's
> annexation, and that the US government is "currently working actively to
> preserve the territorial integrity of Ukraine." He further asserted
> that, according to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU),
> Ukraine is responsible for spectrum usage in Crimea, and that only
> Ukraine can issue licenses, despite what he called Crimea's "temporary"
> status as an occupied territory.
> Grishchenko had asked the ARRL to consider this information when
> determining "the conditions of meeting award requirements, as well as in
> determining the winners of competitions held."
> Sumner told Grishchenko that the ARRL Awards Committee's determination
> "is consistent with the treatment, for DXCC purposes, of other territory
> that may be described as either 'temporarily occupied' or disputed."
> "We join the world community in the hope that the difficulties and
> uncertainties currently being faced by the people of Ukraine will be
> resolved peacefully and with full regard for human rights," Sumner
> concluded.
> (end of quote)
> Unprecedented, ARRL legitimizing Russian occupation of Ukrainian territory.
> Now can South Korea "issue" licenses for North Korea too?
> Looks like Putin has some power over ARRL.
> Until situation is resolved politically, ARRL has no business
> legitimizing "annexation" of Crimea by masked thugs.
> Yuri, K3BU
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