Topband: IT9/LY5W again

Saulius Zalnerauskas ly5w.sam at
Thu Nov 20 20:03:28 EST 2014


sorry for those who called , but I cant hear. Worked about 20 stations from
East and Mid USA, LU8DPM too. 00-01z tonight.
Still no beverages here, only possible before contest CQWW CW.
Receiving several ways - on Appex Loop, and Vertical TX antenna.
In my LOG now over 200 USA stations, even several from West coast.
I am trying to work all states 160m.
It is interesting to reach 6BWAS from here :)
10,15,20 finished in one day!
I am on the air almost every night few hours.
Will try in different time.
CUL! Dont worry.
TNX for calling and patience.

73, Sam IT9/LY5W @ II9P station Sicily island

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