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Gee that's a really bad one, Jim!

I've spent many years of my life getting electricity meters compliant with
FCC rules!  Sound like that on is non-compliant with either the radiated or
perhaps more likely, line-conducted, emissions! Can you tell me who is the
manufacturer of the manufacturer of the meter? Sadly, you may  have to take
the issue up with the utility and the FCC.

Charlie, K4OTV

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While this might best be addressed to the RFI reflector, I'm wondering if
among the learned subscribers here on the Topband reflector, some of you
might have some knowledge or experience with this issue.

Recently, a smart meter was installed here and immediately I heard a buzzing
sound on all of the lower bands including 160 but it was loudest on 30
meters followed by 40 meters.

On 30 meters, it was 10 over S9!

Using the NB-Wide mode eliminates most of it but causes the usual distortion
associated with the NB being turned on.

It is there most of the time during the day and sometimes during the night.

After considerable effort including shutting down all power throughout my
house and checking the power system ground, a battery operated AM/FM/SW
radio confirmed it was loudest behind the back of the meter.

This is the digital electronics analyzing data that is causing the problem
and not the RF signal that is around 902 MHz.

Sweeping the band, the levels peaks about every 3 MHz including at 7 and
10 MHz.

ARRL says they have had no complaints about these meters!

A maintenance engineer from the utility confirmed the problem and says his
expressed concerns were not addressed.

He further indicated that at business, condo and apartment complexes where
large number of these meters are installed, the interference was
particularly noticed.

I suspect that some appropriate filter at the back of the meter would at
least reduce the level but I wonder if anyone has addressed this problem.

It looks like moving my antennas farther from the house is the most
expeditious route in reducing the levels detected.

Perhaps a direct reply would be best to avoid excessive bandwidth here.

Thanks in advance.

Jim, K1PX

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