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Anthony Scandurra anthony.scandurra at
Thu Apr 2 21:15:01 EDT 2015

You can find some of Guy's info on BOGs (among other things) on this page:

73, Tony K4QE

On Wed, Apr 1, 2015 at 11:58 PM, Mike Waters <mikewate at> wrote:

> If anyone is serious about trying a BOG, I would spend the time searching
> the Topband reflector archives for K2AV's comments about them. Although I
> can't personally vouch for the accuracy of Guy's thoughts concerning BOG
> length and soil conditions (measured with a DOG*), I am 99.9% convinced
> that what he's stated about BOGs is technically correct and very useful
> indeed to anyone who wants to build one.
>  * DOG=Dipole On the Ground
> 73, Mike
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