Topband: QRP

Tom W8JI w8ji at
Tue Dec 15 03:12:40 EST 2015

> Has anyone achieved DXCC on 160 meters using QRP?
> Or is anyone even close?
> 73,
> Art NK8X

Power ratings were DC plate input power up to the early 1980's.  A Heath 
SB220 was a legal input amp rated for 1 kW dc input CW, and 2 kW PEP input 
on SSB. That was 1 kW dc input all modes, or about 600 watts output on 

160 used to be 200 watts, 100 watts, or even 25 watts DC plate input at 
night because of LORAN depending on location and what 25 kHz section of the 
band you were in. That was roughly 120, 60, or 15  watts RF output depending 
on location and band segment.

Many DX countries were only allowed 10 watts plate input power, or about 6 
watts RF output, on 160.

That means there were many stations who had early DXCC, by today's 
standards, ran QRP. Full legal power used to be QRP. 

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