Topband: A "valid" QSO????

Jim Brown jim at
Sun Dec 27 14:37:13 EST 2015

On Sun,12/27/2015 6:21 AM, James Rodenkirch wrote:
> I believe the gentlemen I conversed with would qualify as holding a position, Joel.

Joel is a Past President of ARRL and a very active operator. I suspect 
that he knows what he's talking about. :)

The definition I've cited is published and accepted by those hams 
chasing very difficult QSOs under marginal conditions like meteor 
scatter, moon bounce, and other weak signal work. It is published in 
documentation for K1JT's WSJT software.

Last I heard, the gold standard for DXCC credit is a QSL match in LOTW 
or a paper card, from a DX station believed by ARRL to be operating 
legally in that country at the time of the QSO.

In all cases, the stations on each end of the QSO make their own 
judgement as to whether the QSO was valid when they enter it in their log.

73, Jim K9YC

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