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Thu Dec 31 19:47:16 EST 2015

I totally agree with Mike.  VE7CA

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> On Dec 31, 2015, at 3:08 PM, Mike Waters <mikewate at> wrote:
> Four Stew Perry events is *not* going too far.
> Here's why I say that.
> The Stew Perry Topband Challenge --compared to other 160 CW contests-- is
> by far the fairest of all 160m CW contests. It was simply a stroke of
> genius, the way it is set up. Period.
> It is also shorter! If it were as long as the others, four events might be
> a different story. But it's only 24 hours long.
> In the Northern hemisphere, the two Stews in the warmer months are --for
> most of us-- almost always guaranteed to be marred by very strong lightning
> QRN. On top of all that racket in our ears, some of us will simply be
> unable to operate without risking a damaging lightning strike.
> *However*, those two Stews are more optimal for our Topband friends in the
> Southern hemisphere. Eliminating those two would simply be discriminating
> against them. There's just no other way to say it. (And now that I think
> about it, perhaps adding this new winter event now evens things out a
> little for the entire world to at least some extent. :-)
> During the Stew last week, conditions in North America were terrible.
> (That's happened before, and it'll absolutely happen again.) This new
> wintertime date gives us a second chance to experience the magic and
> challenge of the Top Band; and I for one, embrace it wholeheartedly! It
> gave me a new enthusiasm for operating 160 CW.
> The only thing I might change is to move the March 12/13 event to an
> earlier date. If (for example) it was in February, the chances of QRN would
> be less. But since I don't know what the QRN season is in the Southern
> hemisphere, perhaps that's not the case.
> What the exact dates should be, and whether a separate category for the sum
> of all four Stews in a year should be created, others can vote on. But
> leave it at four! Please. :-)
> 73, Mike
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