Topband: Beverage on Ice

Roger Parsons via Topband topband at
Sun Jan 18 10:02:49 EST 2015

Many thanks for the comments received on this reflector and privately. A few points:
I don't think that the proposed antenna is just another BOG - there is a large non-conductive layer of ice before there is anything conductive. However, here on the Canadian Shield normal ground is not very conductive either.

It would be essential to build the antenna from a very thin wire for environmental reasons. A thicker wire could cause all sorts of problems when the ice melts in the spring.
There is not that much snow machine activity on this lake - I would be unlucky for the wire to be broken, particularly if I installed it on a Monday - it would be well frozen into the ice long before the next weekend.
Perhaps the most interesting observation was from KK9K - what Ron did was pretty close to my intentions. Hopefully I will be able to corroberate or otherwise next season.
73 RogerVE3ZI

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