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Perhaps another view.

I live in the bottom of a deep valley where mountains occlude the horizon up to 15-degrees.

So I bought some cheap mountain top property 15 miles from here. From that location DX radio signals are generally 4-5 S units higher. That is a huge change of course.

Typically I operate fro the remote station by going there. I can attend to more of the things that go wrong in contests. But at times I operate from home.

Does it really make a difference? I know this… I am much more likely to be an active contest participant from a location with signals 4-5 s-units better.

> On Jan 20, 2015, at 1:46 PM, Doug Renwick <ve5ra at> wrote:
> This is what contesting is becoming.  Based on comments made, why don't we
> just get rid of the ham station, the towers, the antennas and work the
> contest with the computer.  Load all the DX, stations, and frequencies into
> a program and run the contest over the internet.  Every body then has the
> same opportunity to achieve 'top of the honor roll' in a contest weekend.
> Geography is not a factor.  That is the perfect 'level playing' field.  So
> there you go, lots of stations to work.  Hope you have fun.  It's like
> today's school ... no body fails; everybody passes, some without trying.
> Doug
> I wasn't born in Saskatchewan, but I got here as soon as I could.
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> Alternatively, perhaps this is a reason to create a "classic" category, to
> differentiate the "boy and his radio" contesters from the folks embracing
> newer techniques and technology.
> In general, I'm of the mind that if a proposed change increases fun /
> increases participation, it ought to be considered.
> It goes without saying that contests are a lot more fun if you can hear
> other stations to work.
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