Topband: No 160m contest for me this year

Tom W8JI w8ji at
Wed Jan 21 10:28:23 EST 2015

I am in the tedious process of covering all exposed coaxial lines with cheap 
PVC black water flex pipe or tubing. It is only about $20 for 100 ft roll, 
so it is a labor cost.

You might consider that as a rodent solution.

My damage issues come from raccoons. Got them on camera. I had been 
exporting them down the road, but they are very nasty and strong and 
difficult to handle, so now I just pipe-proof the cables. This works 100%, 
and I also have to paint shiny boxes black so they quit trying to steal 

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> Rodents chewed through a set of kevlar guy lines for my Spiderbeam 26m
> vertical while I was out of town last week. Down came the vertical, which
> broke into three pieces, and when the guy lines fell to the ground, the
> rodents ruined them all. Looks like I'm off 160m for the winter. It will 
> be
> a big job to reinstall everything. Hope I can get replacement sections for
> the broken Spiderbeam pole.
> Jim W8ZR
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