Topband: EP6 from the KH6 side

Merv Schweigert k9fd at
Wed Jan 21 13:09:46 EST 2015

I see and hear all the complaints about the EP6 operation,
I heard at one point they had severe noise issues,  I do not
know if that has been solved or not.
Out here the signals are far better than what I expected.  I
worked them on 40 meters the first day,  signals peaked
599 at sunrise.
80 meters the same,  the "hour before" sunrise peak is 579
to 599 and again at sunrise there is a peak of 599,
I hear them with good signals every day on 80.

So far not a peep on 160,  and the high bands they are very weak,
but thats expected when its dark there and daylight here.

What surprised me as I went to LOTW today to load logs,  there
are my 40 and 80 qsos already in LOTW.
Thanks to them for fast service and not holding LOTW QSOs
hostage waiting for donations.  A tactic used by many operations
these days.

All I can say is if you have never been on the other end so to speak
its very easy to criticize an operation,  conditions out of their control
can make things difficult if not impossible.
Last I checked EP was not a place I would be "comfortable" operating
from,  so I give the guys a thumbs up just for going there.

If you think this operation is poor,  just think of the upcoming VP8G
trip where the guy is not used to pile ups of any type, and is going
to "search and pounce"   if you need that for a new one your going
to be pulling more than hair out when that comes on.

73 Merv K9FD/KH6

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