Topband: 160m WAS (need WY and NV)

Victor Goncharsky us5we at
Sat Jan 24 15:25:32 EST 2015

 Hi Jim,
Thanks for the response. I've wrote a request to both superstations but no positive response. 
Will be trying with KL7KY and WL7E. I was also advised to get in touch with N7XM and N6ET in NV.
I did it and will start trying with both of them tomorrow at 0430Z. I'm usually around 3530-3535 KHz depending of QRM.
According to NA reversebeacons, the peak last night was somewhere between 0515-0545
This leaves NE and I'm looking for someone there to try with.
Regarding WAS-160m which will be my ultimate goal for many winters ahead the LoTW cfm list is below, no California.
US State 160M
Alabama (AL) K4IQJ
Alaska (AK) KL7KY
Delaware (DE) AA1K
Florida (FL) N4IS
Georgia (GA) K4PI
Hawaii (HI) K9FD/KH6
Iowa (IA) W0FLS
Maine (ME) K1UO
Maryland (MD) WA3MEJ
Massachusetts (MA) N1SV
Michigan (MI) N6FS
Minnesota (MN) AE5E
Mississippi (MS) N4OGW
Montana (MT) N9RV
New Jersey (NJ) W2GD
New York (NY) W2CCC
North Carolina (NC) K7BV
Ohio (OH) W8UV
Oregon (OR) N6TR/7
Pennsylvania (PA) NO3M
Rhode Island (RI) K1DT
Texas (TX) W5UN
Virginia (VA) K1HTV

Unfortunately I can't operate on Top Band due to a RF feedback that has appeared from nowhere this fall. Trying to figure out what has happened but no luck. Missing EP6...Sorry  

Sat, 24 Jan 2015 11:23:03 -0800 от Jim Brown <jim at>:
>Hi Victor,
>W7RN is a superstation in NV, and quite active in CW and RTTY contests. 
>KL7RA is a big station, also active in CW and RTTY contests. One problem 
>working stations at that latitude is the aurora, which can cause them 
>radio blackouts.
>160M from your QTH to the western half of the US is quite difficult.  I 
>have no QSOs from eastern Europe in my log, and I have not heard any EU 
>stations for three years. I'm near San Francisco with a pretty good 
>station. I've worked about 20 EU stations on 160M, but all during low 
>parts of the solar cycle.
>For 80M to the western US, try long path around our sunrise. And, of 
>course, short path around your sunset.
>73, Jim K9YC
>On Sat,1/24/2015 5:39 AM, Victor Goncharsky wrote:
>>   Just the request on the same subject but different band.
>> I'm working hard to complete 5BWAS and need only 3 states on 80 meters AK, NE and NV.
>> Trying to be there on CW almost daily around my SR (0600Z) or much earlier.
>> I can be at US sunset time as well.
>> If someone is interested in helping me to finally achieve my life-long dream of putting 5BWAS plaque on the wall, please call me at ON4KST or send e-mail.
>> On 160m I have only 23 states confirmed so it's a long way to go.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Sat, 24 Jan 2015 13:04:37 +0000 от John Shadle < shadle at >:
>>> Just scanning the band last night on the contest. Heard a fellow whose
>>> profile states he's in NV, but he's operating from UT instead.
>>> Is anyone on from these states this weekend? I know HI and AK will be tough
>>> for me given my current setup, but these two contiguous states are the last
>>> ones I have towards WAS on top band. All other contacts have been through
>>> casual QSOs and contesting.
>>> Thanks, all.
>>> -john W4PAH
>>> Madison, WI
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